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Mr Cross

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Police Apprenticeships offered locally

There are currently four job vacancies on the Apprentice Scheme offered at Hertfordshire Constabulary aimed at school leavers (aged 16-19). The roles would suit someone who is looking for an entry level position (the salary is the current national minimum wage). Full details of each vacancy are within each link below:

Vacancy:  PS/275/H Apprentice, Records Management Centre

Location:  Letchworth

Closing Date:  8 Feb 2015

Vacancy:  PS/267/H Property Apprentice

Location:  Hatfield

Closing Date:  8 Feb 2015

Vacancy:  PS/274/H Apprentice, Information Governance Office

Location:  Letchworth

Closing Date:  8 Feb 2015

Vacancy:  PS/271/H Service Desk Apprentice, ICT

Location:  Headquarters, WGC, Herts

Closing Date:  8 Feb 2015

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