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Mr Cross

Monday, 6 June 2016

Impact of the Digital Revolution

Students should be able to take Computer Science instead of a language at GCSE and schools should offer a 'technical stream' for 14-18 year olds, according to a new report, which also says the Ebacc is forcing students into a “19th century diet of academic subjects for all”. In The Digital Revolution, former education secretary and chair of the Edge Foundation, Lord Kenneth Baker writes that radical action is needed to help prepare children for the the impact of the digital revolution, which he terms the "fourth industrial revolution".

“The economy is changing at an unprecedented pace,” he said. “Every day, jobs are being lost in professions we used to regard as careers for life. artificial intelligence, robots, 3D printing and driverless vehicles will impact on sectors as varied as the legal profession, transport and construction.

“The UK’s future workforce will need technical expertise in areas such as design and computing, plus skills which robots cannot replace – flexibility, empathy, creativity and enterprise.

“Right now, this thinking is almost entirely absent from the core curriculum in mainstream schools.”

His report was prompted by the Bank of England’s prediction that up to 15 million jobs are at risk of automation across the UK economy.

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